This procedure is done to correct localized areas of fat deposits. Keep in mind that this technique is not a substitute for weight reduction.

This procedure gets to abdominal fat through small incisions and then a cannula equipped with a suction apparatus it’s introduced to take off the internal tissues of fat, eliminating it. The appearance of the skin can be improved by skin retraction produced by liposuction performed correctly.


The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgery that removes excess of abdominal fat and skin, and treat muscle flaccidity. Is usually performed on patients who have had liposuction, have had several pregnancies or after suffering obesity the skin and muscles of the abdominal area of the patient has been relaxed.

It is typically used general or epidural anesthesia in this procedure. Surgery process usually takes 2-4 hours, depending on the magnitude of the case, requiring one day of hospitalization. After the surgery, a drainage tube is incorporated provisionally to remove excess fluid that may occur in the treated area; this is removed from 7 to 15 days after surgery.

The results of this procedure are a flatter and strong abdomen, along with a pronounced waist (result may vary). On the other side will be a scar whose length depends on the size of the area worked.


With Minilipectomy, excess skin at the bottom of the umbilicus is removed. This surgery is useful in patients with mild excess skin after pregnancy or after liposuction in which it is superfluous a little skin.

The minilipectomy is performed with a small incision, similar to that of a caesarean operation, approximately 15 cm. on the pubis, allowing muscles attach from the top and down the navel of 2-3 cm, to correct the little excess skin that appears above the navel, it is usually accompanied by abdominal liposuction, waist and back. In some cases you can do the marking of abs.

Usually patients are thin, which the main problem is the sagging that occurs in the abdominal muscles. The scar will be placed in the lower abdomen (at the level of the pubic hair) and can hide an undergarment or girdle. In this surgical procedure, there is no scar in the umbilicus.

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