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    On the eve of our 7th anniversary, I want to take this opportunity to
    thank you for choosing Embellécete Aesthetic Surgery Group and letting us be part of your life.

    Our mission it's not only transforming silhouettes, but also remind you that
    any change its archived with will, perseverance and new habits
    that are intent to guide your personal fulfillment.
    Thanks by all the group members of Embellécete, best regards.

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Patient Photos




  • Sandahl Von Sydow / 30 Years Old
    Chin Implant, double chin liposuction
    Backersfield CA / USA

    I am very happy with the chin implant I received from Dr. Diaz. It's been two months since my surgery and there is a big difference in my facial symmetry as well as fullness in my jawline. I would highly recommend Dr. Díaz.
  • Naomy Torres/ 41 Years Old
    Lipectomy, liposculpture, fat transfer to glutes
    Ensenada, Baja California/ Mexico

    I am very grateful and happy for having known this place. I had an appointment with Dr. Gillermo Díaz and while he was explaining all the details of my procedure I felt safe and decided to make my liposculpture and fat transfer to the glutes. I am 100% very happy today, I feel very good and also my self-esteem is better. Thanks to all the people who works in Embellecete, they are very responsible and professional, always serving with a smile. I like to look good.
  • Keri Reese/ 28 Years Old
    Back and abdomen liposuction, fat transfer to glutes, lipectomy
    Backersfield CA/ EU

    I recently got a surgery from Dr. Diaz and I am extremely happy with it! I got a tummy tuck, liposuction on my back with fat transfer to my butt & hips, and also juviderm to plump my lips up. I was very nervous to get all this done but everything went great and I am very happy with my results! I never thought after two kids I could be this happy again with the way I look!
  • Veronica López/ 27 Years Old
    Liposculpture, breast implants, brachioplasty, doublé chin liposuction
    San Diego, CA / EU

    Dr. Guillermo Diaz made me a lipectomy, liposuction and I am very happy with the results, also with the nurses that talked to me all the time to know how I felt and answer all my questions. The same thing happen when I return to perform breast implant, I am grateful that Dr. Díaz gave me the time to ask all the questions I had and answered everything in detail.